How To Care For Your Art Doll


A reborn doll is not a toy, it is a work of art. I do not accept returns as each baby is created unique in my interpretation as the artist. Countless hours were put into adding layers of paint, rooting hairs/eyelashes, weighing, customizing and delicately putting your baby together to make it just right.

Care for your reborn as you would any piece of delicate art.

Preventative care for rooted hair:

  • Be gentle when changing clothing on your reborn. Repeated changing can damage the hair and result in hair loss. If possible dress the baby from the bottom up. Not pulling the clothing over the head if possible to avoid friction on the hair.
  • Only use a soft toothbrush or baby brush when styling your doll’s hair. The use of other combs or brushes can cause the hair to break or be pulled out. Be very gentle when styling your baby’s hair. 
  • Do not use heat to curl the hair! Depending on the hair type used, heat can cause the hair to “felt” or causing the hair/fibres to matte, get dry, become very tangled and hard to manage. Instead, lightly dampen the hair using a baby brush or comb. Use soft sponge rollers or simply (very gently) twisting the hair and securing it in a bun with a clip (very lightly). When the hair has set, take down the hair and separate the curls loosely with your fingers. Don’t brush them out;)
  • Use caution when using hair ties, clips, headbands.. If used do not pull the hair too tightly. This will cause the hair to break over time.
  • Only use water or an approved conditioning spray on your reborn’s hair (for Alpaca or Mohair), Conditioning spray is available for purchase through Alz’s nursery.
  • Occasionally condition the hair by lightly misting the palm of your hand or baby brush. Gently work the Mohair conditioning spray through the hair and leave it in. Do not rinse or wash it out. This will help prevent the hair from drying out, getting brittle and breaking over time.
  • Do not spray conditioner or water directly on the head as this can potentially damage the varnish and or paint. Instead, lightly mist your baby’s hair brush when styling.
  • Do not soak or shampoo your baby’s hair. Excessive handling can cause hair to break down and or fall out.
  • Do not use styling products on your reborn’s hair, such as hairspray, gels, or other products. As these products can damage the paint.

When your baby arrives home, it is normal to expect the baby to have some “travel hair” from being snugly protected during shipping. You can easily re-style your baby’s hair by using the baby brush and conditioning spray sent home with your little one. Once the hair is dry it will hold your new style just fine;)

LE Jupiter sculpt by Melody Hess, brought to life by Ginger Kelly with Alz’s Nursery

Preventative Care:

  • Be gentle with your reborn, much like you would treat an actual infant. Being too rough with a reborn can result in the head, limbs, hair, and eyelashes.. detaching and can permanently damage the doll.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. Sunlight and extreme heat can cause the vinyl to become discolored, faded, or broken down.
  • Avoid objects that can stain your doll. When dressing your doll in new clothes, be sure to pre-wash them to avoid colors and dyes from transferring onto your doll’s vinyl parts. Highly pigmented items can stain the vinyl.
  • A Reborn is NOT a toy and is not recommended for children. Our babies are not recommended for children as they are not child safe. We are NOT responsible for any occurrence that may negatively affect a child or the reborn itself if handled by children.
  • Keep magnetic parts away from individuals with hearing aids, pacemakers, or other mechanical devices. The magnets used in our dolls can possibly interfere with the functioning of electronic devices.

*Be aware that the more your baby is handled and or repeatedly changed into new outfits, the more it will cause friction on the varnish and or paint causing the baby to get shiny and or loose color over time. This will NOT be covered by the artist. Any paint touch-ups needed due to handling will be at an additional charge to the consumer.

Cleaning and Storing Tips:

These dolls are collectibles and cannot be cleaned like toys. If needed, remove dirt or residue, with a washcloth slightly damp, using only water. Do not scrub the doll, this will damage the varnish and or paint on your reborn. Never get the cloth body wet or bathe your reborn. Instead gently use a damp cloth to wipe away stains. Always towel blot to dry. Try not to get the stuffing wet to prevent mold and mildew issues. Dust the doll with a soft dusting feather brush. 

Store your art doll in a protective case or box away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and or moisture.




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Unlock 10% off your first purchase!

Use code: NEWCOMER23


You’ll be the first to know about our exclusive offer, updates and information on new arrivals!!