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Hello my friends! Many of you know me, some not as well. For those of you that are looking to get acquainted, let me introduce myself. My name is Ginger Kelly, wife to my amazing husband Tony, for the last twenty seven plus years. My husband can literally do anything, taking on the challenge of helping to plan and custom build the nursery from ground up. He has been a huge part of Alz’s Nursery, continually keeping things running smoothly in the background. Always when I need it the most, in order to have time to work on the artistic side of things, painting, rooting, creating. I am the mother to five amazingly talented, smart, kind and loving grown children. Kyle, Josh, Kelly, Dawson and Maggie. All of which have also been a huge part of the nursery, contributing in some manner or another.

Many have asked, what does “Alz’s” refer to? Is it short for something? Why Alz’s? Let me clear up some of those questions for you. Alz’s is simply short for Alzheimer’s. Our nursery was born out of the memory of my beautiful Mama Carol who had early onset Alzheimer’s. After much research in therapy babies, I had given her three therapy babies of her own, in hopes she would find comfort during her darker moments. Those little ones meant everything to her, totally changing her last days into a happy and purposeful time. Sadly, she had passed away from Covid-19 at the very beginning of the pandemic on May 4th, 2020, peacefully surrounded by her family at home. We were one of the first families to ever bring someone home on hospice with Covid. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, she would be with her family come hell or high water.

After seeing how much of an impact those little ones made on her, I just knew I needed to help others that were in the same situation as my Mama. Having deep and profound moments of sadness, loneliness and confusion when we couldn’t be with her, I started the journey in finding her a buddy to keep her company. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect her little baby would make such a difference. However, all those negative feelings she carried were replaced with purpose, companionship, happiness, calmness and love. It was simply the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed, seeing all that anxiety and darkness just melt away, bringing in a new light with hope and happiness.

My father having frontal lobe dementia and being separated from his family during the pandemic only fueled my desire to see if these sweet babies would possibly help him to find comfort too. I thought to myself, would he respond the same way or reject the therapy baby? Much to my delight, when he received his little buddy, he completely lit up with joy kissing his little buddy’s forehead. And so, we began to grow and fast.

Now we have been so busy it’s been hard to keep a balance between the nursery, work and home life. I decided with much thought and support of my family, I would embark on a completely new change in my life by working full time in the nursery. So, as of February 25th, 2022, I have put all my energy into this new path and I have dropped down to working part time at the memory care. I had a really hard time not being there for my residents, so I decided I would just do a handful of days to continue to see my other family. It’s been so hard to let go but I really needed to find a better balance. I needed to be able to not only take care of others but to take care of myself.e of myself.

So here we are going into the first few weeks with the new schedule. The nursery has some big plans going forward! One of which will be opening our own baby boutique in the nursery. We will be offering imported baby goods for your little one ranging from preemie to twelve months. Our goal is to offer unique and beautiful items from other regions just for you. We will be offering limited styles and quantities to test the waters so to speak. Plus, we want to keep offering different varieties to keep things fresh. So make sure to keep watching the page, as in the coming days, we will be launching our baby items in our online store. Currently, we are just working out some final details on shipping so it will be the most cost effective for you. We look forward to sharing all the beautiful and cute styles to come! Make sure to subscribe to our website if you haven’t already done so, as we will be offering exclusive promotions only to our subscribers!

Meanwhile, we have finished up our portrait baby, Chloe. We’ll be sending her home to her new mama in the coming days, we are just waiting on a few items to arrive to include in her box opening. We can hardly wait to see and hear about her reaction to her mini-me.

Next up on the block are three more babies, two customs and one will be a ready to ship baby to adopt! So watch our Facebook page for all the progress we make on these cuties! We will be having some fun things coming up so make sure to check back to hear about our next adventures. Until then my friends, good bye for now and we’ll talk again soon!



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Unlock 10% off your first purchase!

Use code: NEWCOMER23


You’ll be the first to know about our exclusive offer, updates and information on new arrivals!!